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Blog Update – What’s Happening

I know that I haven't been on for a while and have also been very quiet here, which might have most of you all asking if I had given up on my blog or on reviewing natural beauty brands and products - since I have gone back to working full-time as a General Insurance Underwriter… Continue reading Blog Update – What’s Happening

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Ten (10) Facts About Me

Most of you all may already know me, from my former blogs, “Just Write Peach” - “Tea Parties By Avionne” - “Avionne’s Legacy” and "Avionne's Spa Essentials" - but for those who do know me and are new here – I must say a heartfelt welcome and hope that each and everyone of you enjoy… Continue reading Ten (10) Facts About Me

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How To Become A Beauty Blogger & Make A Name For Yourself

Many persons believe that becoming a beauty blogger is the greatest job in the world and often confused themselves - thinking that it is all about getting free products and other items from brands, which might in many instances is very logical at least most of the times; while for others not. There are those… Continue reading How To Become A Beauty Blogger & Make A Name For Yourself