Coming in 2019 – CBE Creative Styled Product & Lifestyle Photography

Nothing is definite as yet, but coming in 2019, Caribbean Beauty Essentials will be embarking on providing creative styled product and lifestyle photography services to all natural beauty brand owners and businesses, independent markers, designers, crafters and shops – whether they are after a look book for their new collection, or product shots to show off their brands and products and even wares, or photos of the interior and exterior of their beautiful store; as well as images for their magazine, brochure, website, blog and other social media networks.

I do plan to keep it simple and within one’s budget, as I don’t plan to charge per image; but instead I will be offering my creative styled product and lifestyle photography services at both half day and full day rates, which applies to all photo shoots, regardless of the subject; even if you wish or want to mix and match what you want photographed – you might want product shots as well as photos of the interior and exterior of your shop, which is fine by me.


My standard rate are been worked out, but most likely be, as follows:
Half Day – $250.00
Full Day – $500.00

I will also be offering Remote Photography Services – Where you will be able to post items to me to shoot remotely and then post them back to you, which price for this may vary and to get specific quote for your photo-shoot, please get in touch and tell me about what you’re after.

I will always keep in touch with you via email and telecommunication to make sure that everything is going as planned and I can also help you with sourcing the right props, backgrounds and creative team.

Images will be sent to you as high res files which you can use wherever you please – from your online shop, to your social media profiles and website or otherwise.

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– I am learning up and honing my craft (self-taught) about all there is to know about product photography, as it relates to natural and organic beauty brands/products (beauty, skincare, hair care, cosmetics/make-up, body and bath, soaps, candles, spa products and more). As consumers and the general public attitudes are now been shifted and it seems like they are now waking up and leaning more towards embracing natural and organic products. I have seen this as a greater and more exciting time to be creatively involved with all natural and organic ethically-focused beauty brand owners an businesses throughout Trinidad and Tobago and across the Caribbean – whom are helping people rediscover the beauty by using chemical free products – by offering creative styled product and still life photography services for their brands/products.

– I have never owned a digital camera in my entire life, and all the photographs that I have taking was either with the use of my phone or tablet, which my tablet has died and so I am looking for the best digital camera and photography equipment and supplies; and even a new tablet and IPad, which I can use as my photo album.

– I also looking for a small office space, maybe even a shared on that I can renovate and have refurbished – turning it into both a photo studio and office, as I currently use a small part of my bedroom as my blogging area, which I am hoping that I will be able once a small office space is found to move my blogging room (blogging area) out and get my bedroom back.

– I am trying to come up with a name for my creative styled product and lifestyle photography service business. Yes, I will be keeping Caribbean Beauty Essential name which is more centred around natural and organic beauty brands/products reviews, and as such the business name will be different, as it will more focus on the photography side of the business than on brand/product reviews.

It sounds perfect, well I can hardly wait, as I am so excited and so looking forward to 2019.