About Me

Greetings Everyone! Thanks for stopping by.

I am Avion Anderson, a Natural Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger/Writer/Influencer; Natural Beauty Brand/Product Reviewer; Natural Beauty Copywriter/Content Writer; Beauty Product Photographer; Caribbean-based Beauty Brand Ambassador; Digital Nomad and a General Social Media Animal – born, raised and still residing in one of the most undiscovered and yet laid-back tropical gem, Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago (Caribbean).


I have passes in the Caribbean Examination Council Ordinary Level in English A and Principle of Business. I am a trained Geriatric Care-Giver, having graduated with a Basic Certificate from the Ministry of Social and Community Development (National Service Division – Geriatric Adolescent Partnership Programme – G.A.P.P) in collaboration with the Department of Community Development of the Tobago House of Assembly, and a Certificate of Participation from the Sunset Haven Home for the Aged.

I had served as an Interim Secretary of the Betsy’s Hope Youth Group, which later dissolved and became the Betsy’s Hope Cultural Workshop and now renamed the Betsy’s Hope Village Council.

I have one-year experience as a General Sales Assistant, at a Mini Mart; two years experience as a Freelance Food Writer and Food Blogger of Just Write Peach, (which I had solely operated and managed since 2015, but in 2017 sold it); four years’ experience as a Legal Secretary/Clerk with a private law firm and over eight years as a General Insurance Underwriter/Clerk with a Motor Vehicle Insurance Company.

I have been writing my entire life, which has helped me to cope with my anxiety and depression; and well becoming a writer has always been my childhood dream, passion, desire and goal, which I never did give up.


Since 2015, after been introduced to the blogging world, I have launched more blogs than anyone else that I would imagine such as:
Just Write Peach – This was my first blog that I had launched in 2015, which started out to be all about farm, food, agriculture and chocolate, then I had re-launched it to focus on highlighting and showcasing the culinary experience of Tobago and all it has to offer, but in 2017, I sold it and the new owners had changed the name.

Tea Parties By Avionne – This was one of two blogs which I had started in 2017, after I sold Just Write Peach. Tea Parties By Avionne was going to be the start on the road to a great career as a Tea Party Special Events Planner and Decorator, but the blog was short-lived and it was also hacked – had to be deleted.

Avionne’s Legacy – This was the other blog launched in 2017, after years of going unnoticed, while working full-time as a General Insurance Underwriter at a Motor Vehicle Insurance Company, I suffered a nervous breakdown (November 2017) – was later diagnosed with social anxiety disorder, schizoid personality disorder, anxiety, and depression – which lead to birth of this blog, where I was able to share with everyone my struggles and my journey to mental recovery and wellness; but this blog too was short-lived and hacked – had to be deleted. I have full recovered, yet I might still from time to time get anxious, especially after I have done get on a project, and other times work overload, but I know when I need to step back and recharge my batteries.

Avionne’s Spa Essentials – This blog, I would have to say was the key to helping me find mental wellness, as visits to spas and wellness establishments and pampering myself through the many spa treatments offered at these spas made it all better for me, that in 2018 – I had to launch a blog that seeks to promote and champion the works (products and services) of our local and regional artisan spa and wellness entrepreneurs. There will also be spotlights on some of the best spas, salons, barber shops yoga studios, gyms and even a list/directory of others spas, salons, barber shops yoga studios, gyms and other spa and wellness establishments. Along with the different spa treatments; spa lifestyle articles; spa and wellness news; events, giveaways, contests and so much more – all with spa and wellness in mind. Due to funds running low, as I had to used up all the money that I had saved up to visit spas and pamper myself – so I returned to work at the insurance company full-time (September 2018), but my blog had already been suffering neglect since July 2018 – and was deleted in December 2018.

Caribbean Beauty Essentials – After purchasing many natural beauty products and even been sent all-natural and organic products from family and friends to review. I decided to take a another approach and hence this blog was born.


Caribbean Beauty Essentials is a natural beauty and lifestyle blog – that was born out of my passion and desire to promote and champion the works (products and services) of our local and regional natural beauty brand owners and businesses in each and every island across the Caribbean Diaspora and ever once in a while other countries around the world.

It is also your guide to finding the best 100% all-natural, organic and vegan beauty brands/products (beauty, hair-care, skincare, essential oils, soaps, candles, cosmetics/make-up, candles, body and bath, spa products and more) created by our local and regional natural beauty brand owners and artisans on each and every island across the Caribbean.

Along with more reviews, the different beauty treatments, interviews, profiles, news, beauty tips, beauty buys and empties, giveaways, contests, projects.

Including spa and wellness reviews, as everyone loves to pamper themselves ever once in a while and a little travel added to the mix, as it’s the Caribbean.

And at the same time getting tips on how to become a natural beauty blogger/editor and even a natural beauty copywriter/content writer – creating successful beauty blogs, working with brands, amongst other things.

Get all the inside scoop about the individual(s) behind this blog, so look out for personal experiences, natural living and lifestyle choices, self-care tips and so much more – all with natural beauty and lifestyle in mind.


I love connecting with other bloggers and business owners and supporting my local small businesses – so please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, that you have or just to say hello. I am always happy to hear from you.

You can contact at: caribbeanbeautyessentials@gmail.com (or) at (868) 348-8809.