Most of you would have already seen that some of my pages are down or have been deleted, is not in anyway to say that I have given up on my blog, or that I’m leaving or it was sold. No, in no way that I will ever give up on Caribbean Beauty Essentials.

I have been dealing with a lot of things, some good, other bad and a few ugly occurrences in my life since April started, to say the least, it has been a roller-coaster ride from the start. While I hate to discuss the bad and ugly parts and even highlight them, which was not easy – for it was a war both internal and external, but now I am trying to bounce back and get my bearings.

First things first, since my blog was choosen as one of the Top Thirty (30) Caribbean Blogs On The Web, on FeedSpot, I’ve received lots of emails and congratulations, and even offers to take Caribbean Beauty Essentials beyond the Caribbean shores, yet still staying true to my Caribbean roots and promoting them more, including promoting other Caribbean brands, such as fashion, Jewelry, craft and others, but I will not be working alone, as was my original plan to start out as a solopreneur. I still working out all the details, nothing has been finalized as yet, because there are so much handmade natural beauty brands, still left for me to promote and highlight across the Caribbean, because every day or week people, are stepping up and starting their own business and creating their own products, and I want to showcase them. With that said, I have decided to start putting pen to paper and write my blog business plan, which I did send out, but got rejected, but it is not all bad, there were some things that I missed out and some very important information about my blog that must be added, so I’m rewriting my blog business plan.


Many of you would also notice that my last “Behind The Series” post was Oui! Scrubs, which is the last natural beauty brand that answered my request, as the others are still taking their time; so I will be doing some follow-up and even reaching out to other Caribbean-based natural beauty brands as much as possible. As for the other series, such as “Beauty meet Wellness Series”, which is somewhat like “Spa Meets Beauty Series”. I love the spa, more than aerobics, Pilates, kite surfing , stand-up paddling and the rest. It’s still in the pipeline.

The greatest thing which has come out of this whole ordeal, besides my blog been choosen as one of the top Caribbean blog on the web is – I have COMPLETED my online courses in copywriting and content marketing. I’m well on my way to becoming a natural beauty blogger and copywriter, which is my mainstay – I’m even thinking on re-branding or re-vamping my blog. There others such as my lecturers – who have viewed my blog, and offered their own opinions and think that I wanted to be taken seriously as a copywriter, I would have to separate Caribbean Beauty Essentials from my copywriting service business, but keep this blog as a portfolio of my work, to show potential clients, just keep it up-to-date and don’t steer away from it. Hence the reason for me deciding on writing my blog business plan, to include the copywriting part of my business.


For the balance of April, I am just focusing on getting back in the swing of things and get my bears and come May, I am going full speed ahead, with more product reviews, brand spotlight, behind the brand series and so much more.