Behind The Brand – Magic Touch (All-Natural Hair & Body Product Line With A Touch Of Goodness & Magic)

There’s no need for any explanation or second guessing oneself, because everyone already knows Trinidad and Tobago is home to best innovators, creators and genius minds ever, for we have and only produce the best of the best.

Tobago, I love you, born and raised in Tobago and love the people and the laid-back life and atmosphere of it all, while Trinidad is a bit on the productive side, there’s always something to do, to create and work to be done. I will say that Trinidadians on a whole has been able to become masters and pioneers of their craft and even created a little magic placing each and everyone under a great spell that totally in every way makes them a whole lot better.


Without question, my next behind the brand all-natural hair and body product line “Magic Touch”, most certainly knows how to add the extra added goodness and magic to their products that turns a dull hair and pale skin back to life, I just most definitely wish I had the secret too, but then again, Krystabelle, owner and founder of Magic Touch, will always do it best.

Today, we are talking to Krystabelle, of Magic Touch and why her hair and body products are simply the best with bringing ones hair and skin back to life with that added goodness and magic.

1.) – Tell me a little about yourself and your company?
Hi everyone my name is Krystabelle and I am the originator behind that of Magic Touch. I am a very fun loving person, who loves animals and everything that goes with have natural hair. As for my business, Magic Touch is an organic business that specializes in hair and body products that will add that magic touch back into your life.

2.) – What inspire you to create Magic Touch?
After deciding to cut off all my hair after a year of frying the living hell out of it with my flat iron, I became super interested in watching natural hair videos. In which the “natural hair gurus” would make DIY hair butters in which I was a bit sad about, due to the fact that I thought I couldn’t make them because I had no idea how on earth I could possibly get my hands on some of these oils. After discovering a number of places in which I can gather materials I decided to do research on oils, butters etc to try and create my very own DIY hair and body butter. I instantly fell in love with my own butter and decided to have my mother try it without her knowing that I was the mastermind behind it just to make sure her opinion was true and not biased and after she fell in love and wanted more I thought to myself maybe I shouldn’t keep this wonderful creation to just us and thus Magic Touch was born.

3.) – What do you do that set’s Magic Touch apart from other all-natural and organic brands?
First off, I see all other all natural and organic brands as my allies and we are working towards on common goal, which is making the world a better place with less usage of chemicals. Therefore I believe what sets me apart from others is my openness or willingness to work with other brands to spread our message across the world.

4.) – Why natural/organic/sustainable?
I believe that today’s society is too dependent on chemicals for everyday life, thus leading to the increase of so many diseases maybe we should take a set back to our organic life. That being said I have noticed that my skin and hair is at its healthiest when I am using natural ingredients.

5.) – What are your best sellers?
At the moment my best sellers hands down are the Hibiscus Magic hair and body butter as well as the Spice Magic hair and body butter.

6.) – What is the favourite part of your job?
I must say, I love every part of my job from deciding what ingredients I want to use to actually trying my creations, but most of all I love hearing my clients tell me how much they love my products.

7.) – What kind of feedback you have received from clients?
Thus far and I thank God for that, all the feedback I have received from clients are positive. From loving the scent to the way it makes their hair and skin feel.

8.) – What can we expect from Magic Touch in the future?
In the near future one can expect all the product lines to have their very own oil, shampoo etc and one can even expect a male line. As for the distant future on can expect a store front.

9.) – Where can we find your products?
As of right now we do not have a store front but we do sell locally through direct orders that individual can place on both our Facebook and Instagram social media network pages or one can whatsapp us on 1-868-355-3872.


You can also check out and be up-to-date on all that’s taking place, events, giveaways from Magaic Touch, through their social media networks : Facebook page ( and Instagram account (

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