Behind The Brand – Reneescentsationz (Grenada’s Aromatherapy Bath and Body Product Line)

Grenada, Grenada. It is an island in the Caribbean, that has seen great rise in many of its nationals starting numerous small businesses which has grown and expanded to become big successful business and also many products created in Grenada are sold in many countries around the world. Grenada, its people, well the creative and talent innovators and business owners have in all sense of the way been able to become pioneers in their own rights and businesses.

Today’s behind the brand is a company, that needs no introduction, because the name alone says its all. When you hear the name, one thing that comes to mind is sweet sensation and what more sweet and sensational than aromatherapy products such as essential oils, soaps, shower gel, and other bath and body products, including scented soy candles and perfume.


Let me not keep you in suspense anymore, because I’m so excited to introduce to you – Reneescentsationz, an aromatherapy bath and body brand, whose products are all handcrafted and handmade in the spice island of Grenada, that even though it was started in 2015, is well on its way to becoming a household throughout Grenada, and across the Caribbean, even around the world.

1.) Tell me a little about yourself and your company?
My name is Marcella Jeremiah and I am the creator of Reneescentsationz, a growing aromatherapy bath and body company based in Grenada. We promote and encourage self care and relaxation by offering luxurious yet affordable aromatherapy products made from natural ingredients. Our full line of products include Scented Soy Candles and Wax Melts, Sugar Scrubs, Foot Soaks, Body Oils, Beard Balms and Beard Oils.

2.) What inspire you to create Reneescentsationz?
In 2015, I was unable to work for the greater part of a year due to a prolonged illness. Most days, I stayed in bed with nothing to do other than count the good days when I could walk around the house or simply holding on to a Mug just to have a cup of Tea. It was during those days, I had the time to think, and I started wondering what would happen if I couldn’t return to my regular job and how I would support myself. Then it dawned on me that I started writing a business plan for a Candle business way back in 2006 and I feverishly began digging through my old notebooks I had boxed years ago.

The original name was Enchanted lights and the sole purpose was to provide highly scented Candles to customers who felt the same way I did about not being able to get a good scent from Scented Candles purchased at the Store. Of course I had to do a little tweaking and some rewriting to make the plan more relevant but that was the beginning of Reneescentsationz.

3.) What do you do that set’s Reneescentsationz apart from other all-natural and organic brands?
What sets Reneescentsationz apart from other all-natural organic brands is exceptional customer service. Once you make a purchase , you are automatically inducted into the Reneescentsationz extended family. I really care about my customers and follow up with them periodically to ensure that they are happy with their purchase. I have also created an experience-oriented event called Candles and Cocktails to offer persons an opportunity to be part of the candle-making part of my journey, while sipping on delicious cocktails. I am also a huge supporter of other local entrepreneurs and I don’t hesitate to show my support to them by first and foremost purchasing their products, recommending them to my customers, touching base with them or by simply sharing their information on my social media platforms.

4.) Why natural/organic/sustainable?
I am a naturalista and I try to incorporate natural products into my daily lifestyle but it’s rather fascinating (not in a good way) to see the amount of artificial ingredients that are constantly being used in the creation of a single product when I know there are natural alternatives. I believe we have to take care of our bodies, as well as our environment by utilizing natural and organic ingredients and I am blessed to be in a position to offer such products to my Customers.

5.) What are your best sellers?
To date, my best sellers are the Aromatherapy Body Oils and the Scented Candles. Because I only recently launched the men’s line I am not in a position to say if any of the two products are on the best sellers list but from what I am seeing, the Beard Oils are gaining alot of traction in the market.

6.) What is the favourite part of your job?
My favorite part of the job is seeing a happy Customer. Words cannot describe the feeling I get when a customer comes up to me to let me know how satisfied they are with their purchase. I am a firm believer in “A happy Customer is a loyal Customer”. I also love making the products. I think I spend a little extra time (more time than i’m supposed to), crafting my products. Again, the feeling of creating a product with my own hands that someone can actually use is indescribable.

7.) What kind of feedback you have received from clients?
For my Candles, I’ve had persons ask me if my Cupcake Candles are edible because they look so real! Others ask if they actually have to light their Candles because they smell so strong without even being lit. For the Scrubs, persons also ask if they are edible also because they smell incredibly edible especially the Cinnamon and Vanilla Scrub! Overall, the general response has been overwhelmingly great. I am humbled by the fact that our products are meeting the needs of our Customers and they are satisfied. Once they are happy, I’m happy.

8.) What can we expect from Reneescentsationz in the future?
Believe it or not, Reneescentsationz is not fully launched as yet. We are still conducting market research, product development and a lot of other behind-the-scenes work. But once we launch, you can expect so much more including collaborations with other Entrepreneurs, and an expansion of the product line. The dream is alive and I am guided by the most high every single step of the way.

9.) Where can we find your products?
At present, my products available at selected Beauty Studios, and Pharmacies. Persons can also use my social media platforms and Whatsapp to make a direct order.


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You also check out and keep yourself up-to-date on all the happenings from Reneescentsationz, by visiting their website ( and social media networks via Facebook page ( and Instagram account (

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