Yes, I am very grateful and thankful for all my readers, that some of them, even start to ask me, if I am okay, or if I have gone off the grid and things like that. I’m still here with each and everyone of you.

As you all know, I am pursing some online courses, which have taken me away from you guys for a while, but that all has to do with the growth and development of Caribbean Beauty Essentials, among other things.


Just to give you a run down on what I’m up too and doing, if you don’t see me for the rest of the week, are as follows:

– Finally going to get all my documentations updated, so I can get my passport renewed, because there are some events, expos, coaching seminars, and even retreats that I want to attend across the Caribbean, which will help me network with other Caribbean-based local and regional natural beauty brand formulators, owners and artisans, to have them featured here and also help them review their products and even form brand partnerships, so I don’t want to miss out on those events and networking opportunities.

– I am working on “Behind The Brand Series”, which I started and only two natural beauty brands answered my requests and questions, as the others are taking their time, but I am trying to reach out to as much Caribbean-based natural beauty brands as possible.

– I am working on a “Beauty meet Wellness Series”, which is somewhat like “Spa Meets Beauty Series”, so that one is currently in the pipeline. I love the spa, more than aerobics, Pilates, kite surfing , stand-up paddling and the rest. I have no idea what I am going to name the series yet, but I am doing it.

– I have up-coming photo-shoots in the work, schedules have not been worked out as yet with the photographer, as everyone is busy, so it seems. I want to post some fresh and more engaging photos on my blogs and social media networks, but those might not happen until the last week in this month.

– Caribbean Beauty Essentials, as everyone knows it, was started on August 04th 2018, more as a hobby than a business, as I was employed full-time otherwise, but when the tables turned, I jumped and took a chance to turn my blog into a full-time business. I had operated it free of charge from August to present, I am not even working with any affiliate marketing company. Come April 01st, 2019, I will be charging for both brand/product reviews and brand stories/profiles. Behind the Brand and my other series, which is in the pipeline, will still be for free.

– I’m currently pursuing online courses in copywriting and content marketing. I was advised by my lecturers, who viewed my blog, that if I was ever going to be taken seriously as a copywriter, I would have to separate Caribbean Beauty Essentials and my copywriting service business, but keep this blog as a portfolio of my work, to show potential clients, just keep it up-to-date and don’t steer away from it. I have another blog that deals with the business side of natural beauty and Caribbean  Beauty Essential, that I am working on.

– Since, I have decided to take the leap of faith and jump, hoping that my parachute opens up, while I am building my dream and my business, because I have turned both Caribbean Beauty Essentials and my other blog into a full-time business. I am scouting locations, because I want to take the business out of my bedroom, even thou, I don’t have the funding to do it. I am also working on a business plan, so that I can apply for a business loan. I keep telling myself, if I could go back in time, I would have saved to fund my dreams, if I only knew what they were, apart from writing became easy to me and it was the one gift and talent that I had, but wanting to become a writer back then, my own family was negative to me about it my entire life and now look at me. My gift of writing, is now my business.


Please be ever patient with me. Love you loads and keep viewing. You’ll never know, for the next Caribbean-based natural beauty brand to be featured here, might be you. Stay Blessed.