Brands In The Spotlight: Eco-Truffles Lavish Body Treats

I have been going around and around in circles all week, as I trying to get everything in order, such as course assignments completed in time – as I am pursuing a course on copywriting and content marketing in the beauty industry, plus been duly advised that if I was going to go ahead and add beauty copywriting and content marketing to the mix – I would have to launch a separate website or blog to handle the business aspect of my copywriting business, as this blog has become somewhat personal, as my mentors have said and it will not work, if I want to be taken seriously as a copywriter in the beauty industry.


On another note, I have send my Behind The Brand Questionnaire, for natural beauty brand formulators, owners and artisans to complete and sent back to me, in order to post on my behind the brand series, which I am totally backwards in, but that’s okay, since Trinidad and Tobago celebrated Carnival this weekend past and Monday and Tuesday, as well, so I will give them all time to answer and send back their responses.
Brands In The Spotlight: Eco-Truffles Lavish Body Treats


Today, I want to talk about one of the most superb all-natural and organic beauty product line and spa service business in Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago – that is Eco-Truffles Lavish Body Treats.

Eco-Truffles Lavish Body Treats was founded on April 15th 2012, but was officially launched with a grand opening of its store and spa services on June 01st, 2012, making successful strives and becoming a household name throughout Trinidad and Tobago and across the Caribbean, and most recently overseas, and is continuing to do exceedingly well.


I know almost everyone has heard about them – but to me, nothing can compare, they not only create the widest range of all-natural, organic beauty products & spa services with the best exotic, premium and tropical ingredients – but their products helps to restore and enhance your natural beauty.

Eco-Truffles Lavish Body Treats creates and produces a wide range of all-natural and organic beauty products and spa services using the finest all-natural herbs, emollient-rich oils and butters, that will soften your skin, restore your texture, strengthen and grow your hair, and enhance your natural glamour and charming features. Their spa services will take you to that place of complete relaxation as they cleanse, tone and moisturize your body.


So what are you waiting for? why not try them today. For more information.
Eco-Truffles Lavish Body Treats
Address: #2 Aneisa Street, Point Lisas, Couva, Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago.
Telephone No: (868) 688-3268
Email address:
Website address:

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