Brands In The Spotlight: Sageroots (BVI Handcrafted/Handmade All-Natural Home & Skincare Brand)

Sageroots is one of the British Virgin Islands best loved handcrafted/handmade all-natural and organic home and skincare brand, which is set on redefining beauty – just the way nature intended.


Ms. Lenette Lewis whose love for nature and marine life allowed her pursue a degree in Marine Biology and a Masters in Tropical Coastal Management, as she wanted to embarked on a career in marine science and environmental preservation – but in 2012, her faith pointed her into another direction in the area of beauty and creating and producing natural beauty and skincare products, thus Sageroots was born.

Sageroots creates and manufactures a wide range of all-natural and organic home and skincare brand consisting of their signature virgin butter blend, beeswax candles, lip balms, body scrubs, cleansers, hair and face serums, toners, and more – using the small batch system from the finest raw 100% all-natural and organic ingredients locally-sourced throughout the British Virgin Islands, that is chemically-free of all toxins, cruelty-free and safe for everyone and whose products are packed in biodegradable and recyclable containers, making everything environmental friendly.


Sageroots, as I would say again is the one home and skincare brand that is truly set on and totally committed to fostering and ensuring in every aspect of its business to continuous create products that are safe for every man, woman and child and works in harmony with the environment – just the way nature intended.


For more information or to purchase a product or two:
Ms. Lenette Lewis, of SAGEROOTS
Address: Road Town, British Virgin Islands
Telephone No: 284-543-3205
Email address: (or)
Website address:


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