Brands In The Spotlight: Couxcoux (Cayman Island’s Coconut-based Skincare Brand & Much More)

After years of trial and error experimenting with a range of non-conventional skincare options that her mother, her daughter and herself could tolerate due to their allergy issues which they all have been experiencing and finally found to solution with the aide of her homemade coconut oil based cleansers and moisturizers, thus Couxcoux was born and is already the one of the many talked about skincare brand on the island of the Cayman Islands.


Couxcoux is a coconut based skincare brand that was founded and launched in 2015, by Pam Champoux in the most tropical paradise of the Cayman Islands, using 100% raw natural coconut and coconut oil and all other natural ingredients from nature sourced locally on the island in creating and manufacturing her coconut-based skincare brand that comprises of: shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, toner, cleanser, moisturizer, lip balms, and much more – which are all FDA-approved and free from all chemicals, toxins; never tested on animals; safe for everyone and is totally environmental friendly.


Ms. Champoux went a step further with her business by also learned to dry and mill the leftover pressed coconut meat, we call jelly and other names for the different countries to create a lovely, tasty flour that is excellent for muffins, cakes, crepes, pancakes, tortilla chips and dredging meats and vegetables to be baked or fried.


When you think that was enough, Couxcoux uses the coconut shell to create lovely and beautiful artisan bowls, cups, candles, necklaces and earrings, once the coconut shell is dried, polished and craved to make all those accessories.


What can I say, but “WOW”, Couxcoux is going beyond skincare and personal care brand and creating a whole new natural beauty brand empire, from skincare to flour to artisan accessories – that I just can’t wait to see what she does next.


With Couxcoux, you can never go wrong – there are all super safe products which is super simple, super effective, chemical free, synthetic free and all natural alternative to every single thing you put on, or put in, your body.


For more information, or to purchase a product or two:
Pam Thompson-Champoux of Couxcoux
Address: Cayman’s Coconut Factory, Beacon Farms, 1531 Frank Sound Road, Cayman Islands.
Telephone No: 345-516-0044
Email address: (or)
Website address:


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