I must say that been a natural beauty blogger is not an easy job, as many might perceive it to be. There’s a lot that goes into one becoming a natural beauty blogger and a successful one – besides just knowing about natural beauty tips and tricks and working in the beauty industry – because a lot of hair stylists, makeup artists and other beauty professionals have taken their careers to the next level and started beauty blogs and websites; as well as writing for magazines and beauty companies.

I must admit, I have never worked in the beauty industry before in my life, nor have I’ve ever had any formal training careerwise to work in the industry, as the jobs and professions that I have been are a general sales assistant, legal secretary and a motor vehicle insurance underwriter, but writing came naturally to me, because it was always my childhood dream, passion and goal – to become a writer, that I never gave up on.

Due to turn of events in my life, such as anxiety and stress, which has caused minor to major outbreaks on both my mind and body, turning to nature and finding relief and solutions in natural beauty products, which I never knew even existed right here in my own country created my local natural beauty brand owners and artisans, blow me away and the products did work well for me, that I had to do more research into and by doing so, I was able to discover other all-natural and organic brands and products created by other locals, throughout Trinidad and Tobago and to other islands across the Caribbean.

I wanted to get more insight to these natural beauty brands and their creators and also to let others know about them, about because I was surprised to receive numerous emails from the general public thanking me – most of them did not know that there were handmade soaps and natural beauty done locally by their fellow brother or sister, who turned their passion and love for nature and all things natural into a business.

Starting this blog in August, last year, was painfully hard, because I did not know if anyone would read my blog or either wish to learn about handmade natural beauty products created and produced from each island across the Caribbean, but I saw that there was a need to make people become aware of the great things that our local artisans was doing and help in the efforts as “WE BUY LOCAL & SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESSES WHETHER SMALL, MEDIUM-SIZED OR LARGE.”


From August to present and with time – I was able to develop other skills along the way, that helped me to become a good natural beauty blogger and I am getting better everyday. I wanted to share with you come of the skills that helped me become a better natural beauty blogger.

1.) Research Brands and Products – Like I said earlier, that I never worked or had received in formal training in the beauty industry, but because of the turn of events in my life – struggling with anxiety and stress which had caused minor to major outbreaks on both my mind and body and the only solution that I found to work was turning to nature and all things natural such as essential oils and natural beauty products, which I never knew even existed right here in my own country. It formed a hunger in me, that I needed to know more and also share it with others, because if I did not even know about this local brand or product, maybe there are others out there like myself that don’t know either. Researching was the first thing that I needed to do before writing and everything else.

I know that there are a lot of other reputable ways and sources that one can do when researching a product, which I have tried, but nothing even comes close or better to trying the products out yourself, even have a friend try it out with you, because apart from myself and my cousins, no other member of my family ain’t brave enough to do it.

2.) Proper Grammar – I am Caribbean, we speak with a dialect, that might not go down well with both the readers and the brands, if I was to write an entire product review or brand in the spotlight series or any article in dialect. They will just pass on it and never read my blog post again. I had to learn fast and the hard way, that how I talk is not the same as how I am to write and even my spelling has to be right – because my readers might not always be from the Caribbean, as the internet is worldwide – so I might have readers from as far as Australia, who don’t understand a word I wrote, if I write using dialect.

Proper grammar, I had to learn in order to create sentences and articles that my readers can easily understand and even cut down on the paragraphs, because some was too long. Oh, my readers emailed me and told me, when one article is way too long and boring and when others are short and gripping, which I love the criticism, because it helps make me a better blogger and writer at the same time, so thank you readers.

3.) Basic Web Knowledge – Nowadays, everyone owns a cellphone or a tablet, IPAD, laptop or computer and so we all are knowledgeable about the internet. We have the pros, and then not so computer savvy, my three nieces knows lot more about the computer and the web than me, and they are just three, seven and nine years old respectively.

For every beauty blogger, that write their own beauty blog having basic web design and search engine optimization skills is a must. Every beauty blogger on the planet wants their blog to look professional and be found by Google. Too bad, I heard that Google Plus Google+ will be shutting down on April 2019. Even thou, we all are writing great and exceptional contents – we all want people to visit our blogs and read our posts.

4.) Be Prolific – If I was ever going to be taken serious by both my readers and the brands that I wanted to work with, I knew that I needed to publish contents regularly, whether daily or every other day. I started out posting every week, now I publish on a daily bases, once I don’t have to attend event, expo or other activities, as I am a full-time blogger now. I try to keep it to a minimum of two blog posts per day, but on weekends I love to take it up a notch – it’s either three or four posts.

5.) Be Original – To be the best, you have be the best you, that you can be, even thou you might look at other beauty bloggers blogs and websites, and tell yourself that you can do that – maybe you can, but that would be right to copycat someone else work and make it your own. I have always been called and labelled strange and different growing up, so being an original was not going to a problem. Yes, I have been able to draw inspirations from other beauty bloggers, whose blogs I follow, because most of these bloggers are in Facebook groups and part of a tribe. I was able to work on my own weakness and draw strength and thus created my own voice and sense of style, which I am still working on, especially in the areas is grammar and networking skills.

6.) Networking – I think this skill is the best by far, as one needs to network with other beauty bloggers, your local artisans and even professionals in the beauty industry. I love visiting expos and fairs, talking to local artisans, and even purchasing products from them. I have yet to attend a bloggers meet-up and trade shows, but I love the little community and marketplace expos that are put on annually throughout Trinidad and Tobago, even I more stay close to home, while my cousins whenever they go, always bring back some product for me to try out and review.

I do believe that networking is an excellent skill and way for beauty blogger who wants to make a career out of beauty blogging and having a network with other beauty bloggers, local artisans, designers and everyone involved in the beauty industry will help one blog to grow and even turn into a business.