Brands In The Spotlight: BubbleGreen Enterprises

BubbleGreen is one of those brand that just so bubbly and one that even my nieces thinks can be eaten, because it contains plenty of the natural goodness and also because of the bubbly scent, they would tell me. That most times, I have to hid it away from them whenever they come to visit and let them use other products, which have them turning up their faces at me and goes on a treasure hunt for their BubbleGreen soaps and hair product.


BubbleGreen is a small which was launched on December 21st, 2016, in Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago, even before the birth of the founder’s daughter, she decided those commercial soaps wasn’t working for her and feared, because of all the negatives that she was hearing about them especially most of them had cancer causing agents and she was not about to put herself and her baby and even her entire family through all the pain and danger which comes with using those commercial soaps.


She decided best to pursue an online course in soap-making and started creating her own soaps, which she would gave away to family and friends and even sold a few to those who wanted – the feedback, was always great and encouraging – which propelled her to launch her own business, thus BubbleGreen was born and she never looked back. Fast-forward her daughter is almost three years old, and BubbleGreen soaps is all that she knows and uses – she has healthy glowing skin.


BubbleGreen creates and manufactures a wide range of all-natural and organic handmade soaps such as: Black Ice, Honey Rose, Turmoringa, GuavaNeem, and others – she even makes body lotions, along with lip balms and shampoo bars. All her products is infused with honey and beeswax into all other natural ingredients, as she is also an api-culturalists. They are all chemically-free of animal fats, parabens and mica colorants.


BubbleGreen products can be used on the entire family from babies to the elderly, because it’s just so great does not harm our bodies nor the environment, for which I am thinking it’s because of the combination of the plant-based and organic honey and beeswax that she puts in there.


For more information, or to purchase a product or two:
BubbleGreen Enterprises 
Address: Toco Road, Sangre Grande, Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago.
Telephone No: (868) 274-6677
Email address:

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