Taking Care Of The Most Treasured Part Of A Woman – (Our Vulvas/Vaginas/Uteri)

Whilst this blog is primarily natural beauty based – I do from time to time talk about other subject matters that is close to my heart, and even taboo in breaking the silence.

Today it is all about looking after and keeping the most treasured part of a woman healthy and clean, that many of us, may not want to bring to the forefront, but we all have too – which is proper care of our vulva/vagina/uteri or whatever other name we all wish to call it.

taking care of vagina 2

Ladies, it is very obvious to me that many of us need to work extra hard in looking after our vaginas and even been educated on its care. Every young women in the golden era has received lectured from their grandmother and even great-grandmother on the proper care of one’s vagina – which they have even visual shown us how to take care of it and keep it fit, tight and clean.

Let’s talk about menstrual cycle or what’s it commonly called periods – which is still a taboo subject in many countries around the globe. There have been a lot of products created just for this specific purpose from stay-free pads to panty shields and now there’s the menstrual cup, which I am not quiet familiar or even welcome the idea, as my period are somewhat irregular and heavy and can last up to ten days or more at times; and other times, it’s normal and light lasting for three to five days – so its absolutely a big no on the menstrual cup.

Yes, wearing stay-free and panty shield have in many ways placed me in very embarrassing situations throughout my life, while attending major events and even at work, thank goodness, I always walk with extra underwear, and a change of clothes, whenever I am seeing my period. I will never trade stay-free pads or panty shields for nothing else in the world.

Everyone is different and has a freedom of choice on what products will work best for them; but I will take stay-free pads and panty shields over tampons and the cup every time. I most certainly can’t wait to hit menopause to say goodbye to my menstrual cycle/period.

Well from one generation to another and as the years goes by and the world becomes more developed – vagina care has become so much more important than any other part on a woman’s body. Many inventions have been created from yoni steam, which is since my grandmother’s time, because I have often overhear her talking and telling my aunt and female cousins, how to go about creating and even cleaning their vagina using yoni steam, which is still one of the main ways to clean one’s vagina, apart from all the other products created and sold. Yoni steam will forever the only way to get one’s vagina clean.

taking care of vagina

I am now waking up to the newest craze and trend – which is vagina massages; which for me is a bit too much, for I love all the simple things and simple ways to treat and care for one of the most blessed, worshiped and treasured part on a woman’s body and even capable of allowing a life, as we will all say, pushing out small people into the world “the vulva/vagina/uteri.” I know that as the years goes by and this world becomes more developed, that everything is going to change, but one thing that will never change is the fact that one must always strive for self-cleaning and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

By first, knowing how to live well, exercising regularly, eating and taking all your vitamins and supplements, which taking any vitamins has never worked well with me – since I have five packs of 500mg vitamin C tablets which I had bought since December last year unopened in the medicine cabinet. I would have you know that I do eat well and exercise once a week, which I am planning on stepping up my game and exercise at least twice or three times per week. Maybe start next month, February, as January is almost over.

Wash it and Clean it Well – One needs to wash this part of their part properly every single day, and my mother would say, twice or three times per day, with yoni wash and take a yoni steam at least twice per month. My aunts has often restricted their girl children from using the heavily perfumed soaps and washes to wash their vaginas, and would rather they use all-natural products, even bush (herbs) from the garden to wash their vaginas – which I found a bit odd, but after reading up on it. I totally agree with my aunties.

My aunts would go on to further add that most of the soaps and wash contains chemicals which is not good at all, combined with whatever discharge from our vaginas, which the color and texture of the discharge varies, so too does the smell/odour, which can be either good or bad. I strongly advise each and every young lady and even the forever young ones too, to get a regular smear test.

We all love our vulvas/vaginas/uteri and want to keep it clean, healthy and right, just like we will do with any other part of our body. Love your vagina, treasure it.

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