Spa Meets Beauty: Caribbean Spa & Wellness Association (C-SWA)

The best part about been a spa reviewer – apart from visiting and reviewing spas and wellness establishments, which was all good. The greatest part came from meeting and interacting with spa owners and all other personnel’s involved in the spa and wellness industry.

One in particular is the Caribbean Spa and Wellness Association (C-SWA), which was a non-governmental organization that was formed in 2006 after the first Caribbean Spa and Wellness Conference held in St. Lucia in 2005.

The Caribbean Spa and Wellness Association is the first professional, independent, non-profit association dedicated to the industry, with members representing every aspect of the health and wellness sector in every island across the Caribbean.

cswa 2

The Caribbean Spa and Wellness Association is operated by a group of well-known and accomplished personnels who has been has over ten years and more experience in the spa and wellness industry. They all came together to work towards fostering and promoting the growth of the spa and wellness industry and serve its members through training and education, public relations, legislative advocacy, membership development and ethics enforcement.

The directors of the Caribbean Spa and Wellness Association – Ms. Zahra Duncombe (Chairman) and Tricia Greenaway (Vice-Chairman) – both are focused, dynamic have ten years and more leadership experience om the spa and wellness industry and has brought a lot of great ideas and also vision and drive to the organization – the help and assistance from the organization task force members, so to speak – they have all managed in million and one ways to train others to develop, grow and even start their own spa and wellness businesses and make it successful, throughout the Caribbean.

The Caribbean Spa and Wellness Association can be seen as the umbrella of the spa and wellness industry across the Caribbean; as the main aim is to make it the largest ever spa and wellness center of the Caribbean.

Most certainly it is on the right footing, with the launch of the Caribbean Spa and Wellness Association Website – which has become a virtual home – and a welcoming one to that, which all spa owners, directors, business and wellness establishments can be found; as well as one can find spa products to purchase and even activities to indulge in.
The Caribbean Spa and Wellness Association has a lot more work to do – but I would say does need a lot more work and I would highly recommend that each and every spa owner and establishments and wellness centers across the Caribbean become part of the Caribbean Spa and Wellness Association.


The Caribbean Spa and Wellness Association is open to each and everyone involved in the spa and wellness industry across the Caribbean, through the following:
FACIALS – A good facial, professionally done, can add youth to your appearance, but more importantly, it can leave you feeling rejuvenated and smiling with the world!
Having a good facial done in the Caribbean is well worth it and one that I can truly testify to, is not easy to resist, that the temptation to lick and eat those delicious facial products is so inviting that one would never believe that it’s only for the face. Come indulge in a facial mask of delicacies like organic honey or pineapple – even mango and guava!

cswa 5

MASSAGES – There is no disputing the great health benefits of a massage, yet there is something which ought to be said about having one (or two) done in the Caribbean – the experience is close to divine!

Yes, you’ll get your familiar, popular massages here – the Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone, synchronized, etc. But you’d better be prepared for something totally amazing when you reach our shores. Your massages may be done using a range of things familiar to the islands like smooth warm rocks from a river bed; or slightly hot tingling stones from a dormant volcano; dark earth clays, perhaps with olive and grape seed oils; or white gentle sands from a nearby beach for exfoliation.

Locally made massage oils extracted from the coconut will bring your senses to life. The abundant fruits to be found on the island will also enhance your experience. And … you just might get to choose your massage location.

cswa 3

MIND, BODY AND SOUL – If you want to rejuvenate your body, enrich your mind and nourish your soul then certainly the most intriguing place to do so is on the islands of the Caribbean.

What better combination than a tropical-fruit infused body exfoliation created to moisturize your skin and add a rich glow? Or a honey ginger wrap to hydrate your skin and stimulate circulation? What about a Bamboo Polish, where bamboo crystals are used with essential oils plus aloe vera; a coffee wrap, an anti-aging, anti-cellulite body treatment? Maybe a foot bath in allspice-infused over-proof rum; or better yet, a full bush bath said to cleanse and heal the body?

cswa 1

PRODUCTS AND SERVICES – The Caribbean has its own indigenous products made from ingredients derived from its home grown plants, flowers and shrubs – natural massage oils and body lotions may be the most popular. Using age old formulas that have worked for their ancestors and still work for present-day generations, an increasing number of entrepreneurs have created natural soaps, body washes, face scrubs and shampoos that totally enhance your Caribbean wellness experience. They are widely used in many of the spa resorts, boutique spas and wellness centres across the islands.

The Caribbean Spa and Wellness Association offers it’s members lots of great and excellent opportunities and one would gain a lot knowledge, experience and become successful at what they do in providing the perfect combination of relaxation, wellness and culture as one journey through the enticing pages of the C-SWA’s website as they select a destination and spa that is as magnificent and giving one the ultimate tropical spa and wellness experience.

cswa 4

I am beckoning each and every spa and wellness owner and establishment in each and every island across the Caribbean Diaspora. Why not join the Caribbean Spa and Wellness Association today, because one can find many opportunities, and gain a lot more together than they would do on their own.

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For more information and to become a member, do contact:
Caribbean Spa and Wellness Association (C-SWA)
Zahra M. Duncombe ( Chairman – Caribbean Spa and Wellness Association)
Email address:
Website address:
Instagram account:

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