Happy New Year 2019!

This year, I rang in the new year in my bed, asleep, so I have no idea what happened because by 11:00 p.m., I was out like a bulb. I worked up to 7:00 p.m., when I came home after eight minutes to nine, I was too tired to do anything, even to reflect on the year gone by and setting goals for 2019, even celebrating with family and friends to ushering the new year 2019.

Today, I will just to play catch-up and reflect on 2018 and what it was and meant to me and what I plan on doing and possibly accomplishing in 2019, which I am hoping would be plenty, even putting into action and completing a lot of the things that I had started in 2018, that because of circumstances, was never completed.


Reflections of 2018
This is a confusing and emotional year for me, as I had lost an uncle to cancer; a god-daughter to fire (she died in a house fire), she would have celebrated her eight (8) birthday on February 28th; two friends, one in an motor vehicle accident and the other to suicide, and just recently a cousin to cancer, but she fell off her bed and was rushed to the hospital, where she later died, and many people are saying that maybe that was the way she was to go.

One of my dearest and closest friend, relocated to Canada, hoping for a better life for herself and her kids, as she just left her ten (10) year marriage and decided since they been high school sweethearts and just ten years ago decided to get married, but was leaving together for almost fifteen years since they found themselves back together again. Each had gone separate ways, since leaving high school in 1998. I guess that everything and everywhere would just her of him and their times together. I had friends through the years, who have decided to relocate to other countries around the world such as: Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Barbados, United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, and even as far as Australia and Singapore.

My mental health issues which I found out that I had and was struggling to get under control in 2017, followed me right into 2018 – making me think that I would never break free from this mental prison, but thanks to continuous psychotherapy, and even trips to the spa, the beach and hike now and then, and the support of close friends and family, who I thought when I came and told them that my anxiety and depression was beginning to take over my life, would have rejected me and even scorn me, turned out to be all wrong, because they stood by me – helped me through it all – I was able to overcome my mental health mishaps. Even the blog “Avionne’s Legacy” – that I had started to highlight my mental health journey to recovery, because it was hacked and I had to delete it, but none the less, I am truly happy and I am getting better and my journey to recovery is going great.

Well, I had quit my place of employment, in November 2017, as I try to work on getting better and finding out my true purpose in life and what I truly want to do with my life and even turn my childhood goal, dreams and passions of becoming a successful writer to reality, which I have tried to get off the ground through the years, but never was able to get it right or off to a great start or the ground.

I started this blog in August – which truth be told, even thou I have grown up around nature and everything that I wanted, ate and possibly used was all natural and organic, I still love those with a little chemical in it, and even those that would be a little unhealthy, such as anything with chocolate, cocoa, coffee and my ultimate favourite that I can’t go without is coca cola. I guess, while I was busy working on getting heal and taking care of myself and my health, mind, body and soul, by going back to nature – I had grown very fond and enjoyed each and every minute of it. I decided that it would be better to combine the two, my passion for writing and my new found love for all things natural, which I had grown up around.

Then in August 2018, the same place of employment, I had quit in November 2017, I decided to go back to work, at the motor vehicle insurance company, as well as starting the blog and other social media networks. Just like writing, I have grown to love blogging too – seeing my little corner of the internet grow, has been wonderful. I have to thank too my great and supportive readers and followers and all those who have emailed me. Thank you for all the love and support. I am so looking forward to 2019 by making all my dreams come true; as well as turning all my goals, passions and ideas into reality.


My Intentions For 2019
I have so much that it will take me forever to write them all down on paper, I had even had a vision board, all thanks to some fellow bloggers, whose blogs which I always love to read, I just love their vision board and how great everything is going for them with the aide of their vision board. Yes, I started my own vision board last year, but not everything on the board, I have completed or got, so I’ll be starting over my 2019 vision board and working on putting everything into action.

I have decided that 2019, even thou might be stressful and even get emotional at times, I plan on making the year the best ever year for me starting with a grand detox and decluttering session; as well as making a few adjustments and changes to my life in leading a more healthy lifestyle, even thou saying goodbye to chocolate, coffee, cocoa and coca cola, will be the tough, especially coca cola, I will have too. I am willing to make 2019 the happiest and most successful year of my life filled with everything worthwhile.

I did spill my intentions of going all out for my overall wardrobe makeoever = “The New Me” – which I have yet to decide on or to even start, as I am still wearing my last’s year best, but I know that I have to find the time to detox and decluter my wardrobe and even my dressing table and make it all natural beauty products, for it’s out with the old and in with the new, all new and all-natural and beauty products on my dresser.

As for clothing, because I have gained a few pounds and some of my clothes, don’t fit anymore, which I still keep, because I plan to start exercising and losing the weigh, especially the belly fat, which is the first area of one’s body that gets big when they start to pack on the pounds, making me look like I am pregnant and I am not – I am childless, as well – never had any children, I love children, I have eight god-children, well seven now; plus four nephews and three nieces. Back to clothing, I bought two new suites to wear to work, and a new shoe (flats), I love flats, high heels hurts my feet, and I once loved wedges, still do, but I am okay with the flats, because they are comfortable. I do need to make over my wardrobe, as you can see from the photos and turn it into a wardrobe that I would actually love.

I am still searching around for a small office space or area to turn into my blogging area and even an office, because I am also looking at becoming a beauty product photographer, so having a small area or office space to turn into both my blogging room and product photography studio all-in-one will be great.

I am totally committed to growing Caribbean Beauty Essentials – in making it even bigger and better, than when I started, because there was so much that I wanted to do since starting this blog and I still do. I have decided to share some of those intentions for 2019, with you.


Natural Beauty
– I will continue to focus on promoting and championing the works of natural beauty brand owners and artisans across the Caribbean, I want to cover as much and well all of them if I can.

– I will continue to reviews as much natural beauty brands and products as I can and keep my glowing skin, and even find products that are totally goldmine for me.

– I will start wearing natural make-up and natural cosmetics; well take baby steps, because I have never worn any make-up in my life, more than lip balms and lip gloss.

– I plan to start launching various giveaways, since I did not get to do any of that last year. This year, I plan to go all out. I intend to collaborate with natural beauty brand owners and artisans and even throw some giveaways of my own.

– To develop my beauty product photography skills, as I have come to truly love photographing as many of the beauty products that I have either bought myself or been sent and was given to me to review. The fact that I also want to become a beauty product photographer, it just feels right.

– To continue posting consistently at least two post per day and if for reasons, I can’t do each and every day. Post at least six post every weekend – but I am more going for the two or three posts per day.



– I want to explore more lifestyle posts, and even develop more on my spa posts and add a little wellness, fashion, travel (as I want to renew my passport and start truly travelling, this year); and also some personal development ideas and so much more.


I plan to spend as much time with myself getting to know me and love me more and more – because I love and crave my personal space and privacy, that most times, I enjoy removing myself from everyone when I need the me-time, which is very often, because I am not a sociable person or the life of the party. I do plan to spend time with the people I love and treasure.

I intend to put my vision boards and goal planners to great use this year, as there are a lot more things that I had to do last year that I did not get to do, that I have to decided to carry over into this new year – complete them. To the new goals and intentions that I have for this year, which I plan to do less talking and more action. I intend the walk the talk, than to talk the walk.

Thanks to all the natural beauty brand owners and artisans, whose brands and products always seems to be exactly what I want and is loved by all their customers. Thanks also to my fellow bloggers, readers, followers and those who have emailed me with questions, inquires or just to say hello and just about everyone else who has made this all possible for me. I am feeling incredibly positive at the moment and want to capitalize on it and make as much progress as I can this year, all thanks to each and everyone of you all.


What are your intentions for 2019? What are you working on this year?