Beauty Bits Not Usually Talked About – Dental/Oral Hygiene and Needing An Overall Dental Upgrade

First things first, I will admit that I have in many ways neglected to take better care of my teeth, especially during the times when I was trying to deal with a number of issues – which had kept me a prisoner within myself and closed off of the world and those around me, even thou, I was living at home and going about my daily business – the issues had in many ways been covered up, behind the smiles and trying desperately to keep working and doing some of the things that I love, but was gradually unleashing itself, by the neglect of my dental hygiene. I have gotten everything under control and I am hoping for the very best. The lost of five of my teeth that would never ever grow back and have to be replaced by teeth implants, because using dentures and false teeth has been ruled out as a no-no by my dentist.


Added too, was the fact that I didn’t floss or didn’t brush with the right dental tools – which did result in a visit to the dentist office and an expensive dental bill way over my budget, which is still high, as I have to pay for dental implants when the time comes, for the five tooth that came out, but thank goodness no one can see, so for now I am safe. I have to go back next year to the dentist’s office to have the teeth implants done.
Well, I am still not using the high-tech electric toothbrush, as prescribed by the dentist, because of financial reason. I am using the normal Oral B Toothbrush, and also a Colgate Twister Tongue Cleaner. I do plan on turning that around and upgrading to the electric toothbrush.


Even thou, I love Listerine, especially the original Listerine, but most times, it is scare and I have to settle for the whatever the supermarket has on it shelves – so in the end, I have not been using the right one. I have not found an all-natural mouthwash, so I think that I will be going back to the original Listerine, until further notice.


Toothpaste, well my mother is old-fashioned and love the original Colgate, but I have tried other toothpaste brands, but now, that I have to step up my oral and dental hygiene game. Yes, I have found three different organic toothpaste, which I have tried, but not quite so loving them as yet, because I am still for the one that I truly love, but for now it is a tie between Colgate and Natural Bamboo Activated Charcoal Toothpaste.


The Charcoal toothpaste, I only purchase once in a while.


In the meantime, I am using what is listed above, and trying to hid the spaces in my mouth behind a close mouth smile, which I must say is very believable and wait until I get those implants. I open to other options, should you wish for me to try out.

Avion Anderson Photo

How is your oral and dental hygiene upgrade coming along and working out for you.

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