Many of you might not be fully aware, but I was also a Spa Reviewer of Avionne’s Spa Essentials – visiting and writing about spas, throughout Tobago and even in the big sister isle of Trinidad, has been a great pleasure for me, but it is not without its trials and tribulations, downhills and uphills.


Like most of you all at one point in time – I did too – totally believe that writing about spas is all glitz and glamour and more than anything else wanted my shot at breaking into this luxurious and lucrative profession of becoming a spa reviewer.

I had even pictured myself lounging in a quiet room with soft lighting, on a cozy, overstuffed chair, wearing one of those luxuriously soft robes; while sipping a cup of calming hot tea or non-alcoholic wine with my mind and body easing into a relaxed state, while I waited to be attended too. The therapist comes and ushers me into the treatment room by the soft voice and friendly spa attendant, who seem to be always cheerful and smiling brightly, and for the next couple of minutes or hours, I am pampered with a rejuvenating facial and relaxing body scrub and massage, which is true in all sense of the word, by it was also strenuous – as I had to pay my own way – well spend a couple of hundreds to be pampered and long for the chance in which I will get paid to be pampered.


To shed some light about my spa and wellness blog – “Avionne’s Spa Essentials” – is where I put the spotlight on local spa entrepreneurs and other professionals involved in the spa and wellness industry; as well as highlight and showcase spas and wellness establishments; along with spa treatments and lifestyles, projects and lots more across Trinidad and Tobago and even giving everyone a peak about the individual/author (me) behind the blog. I did eventually plan on going back to the blog and giving it a total turn around and upgrade, but apparently that is not the case here.

Currently I have returned to my full-time job at the Motor Vehicle Insurance Company, while at the time testing and writing product reviews about the many all-natural and organic beauty and skincare products which I have either received or brought myself, including showcasing and interviewing natural beauty brand owners on a part-time bases, which has in a huge way made it hard for me to visit any spa – as well as I am now venturing into natural beauty product photography; these opportunities, which are all great – has caused me to neglect my spa and wellness blog – “Avionne’s Spa Essentials” – which is no longer available and I haven’t been able to visit any spas lately.


I did love and enjoy visiting the different spas, it was energizing and relaxing, and a few of the spas, maybe two or three has created their own spa products, which was also great and the products smelled like heaven and nourishing on my body – I still do take trips to visit day spas, every once in a while and I’m even considering taking a few spa vacations, but away from Trinidad and Tobago – who knows, but that is left to be seen, at least in 2019, for 2018 is almost over. That’s is why I have created “Spa Meets Beauty” category, because it is my little corner where I can still continue visiting and reviewing spas, every once in a while when I do visit one – so stay tuned for more of that “Spa Meets Beauty” insider scoop and review.

Now, I can safely say without hesitation and question that I am booked solid, with no time to spare, at least for the end of this year as my full-time job as a General Motor Vehicle Insurance/Claims Underwriter at the Motor Vehicle Insurance Company and my part-time job, which I do for the love, fun and because I am passionate about all things natural and organic and totally embracing the natural beauty lifestyle, as a Natural Beauty and Lifestyle blogger and in general takes up a lot of time – even with the holidays just around the corner – Christmas cleaning takes a lot more out of a person, than anything else, but so far I am loving every minute of it.


Have you ever been to a spa and would you love to become a spa reviewer.