My love for blogging will never cease, but at the same time balancing blogging and a full-time job, together with other projects has been a great challenge for me – one which I greatly accept.

Having my very own little corner of the infinite internet world to share my thoughts, news, views, reviews and everything else along the way has changed my life in million ways and it has opened up a plethora of opportunities that I couldn’t be more grateful for and even made me a better person.


As stated before, trying to juggle both a full-time job and blogging isn’t without its uphills and downhills – as I am employed full-time as a General Motor Vehicle Insurance/Claims Underwriter at a Motor Vehicle Insurance Company and blog part-time as a Natural Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger/Writer and Influencer – which has been keeping me busy with those crazy schedules, deadlines and demands, even keeping up with my other social media networks and my wonderful readers.

I wake up every morning thanking my lucky stars that I have finally found the balance and love what I am doing. I would must admit that I had given up on a lot of opportunities in the earlies, as I was trying to find my niche, myself and trying to balance everything without single-handedly without taking any advise from anyone or without comprise – I did learn the hard way. I promised myself to never to go that way again – because by myself I can do little, but together we both can go far and become successful.

I am thankful for my network with other like-minded bloggers and even natural beauty brand owners, who might not know this; but they have become my community and my chief advisers and because of them – I am able to organize my time; keep my two workloads separate. I am much more organized than when I started blogging on other blogs over the years. I have long struggled with social anxiety disorder and schizoid personality disorder, which kept me from becoming more sociable with people outside my community and workplace. Whenever I was invited to a local meetup with other bloggers and like-minded people, I would often have an excuse why I can’t attend. I have even been invited to one abroad, but I have yet to renew my passport to travel outside Trinidad and Tobago. Now, there’s no more excuses, I look forward to these local meetups, once I am free either over the weekends, and even on public holidays – as during the week, I have to work.


Since then to now, I have been able to schedule my time and use it wisely, plan ahead. Even thou, I do my test and reviews in the night, which is great, and doesn’t interfere with no family time, as I am still residing with my folks and yes, I am still single, never been married and never had any children. To many, I have all the time in the world to test and review natural beauty and skincare products without any interference – which is a great thing. After work, I come home and get everything organized, write down everything and even type up my reviews, but don’t have be posted my blog until the weekend.

Since going all-natural and organic, it has really open my eyes and wealth of knowledge that my ancestors who only knew about using natural remedies and ingredients for everything, which to me was their well-kept secrets, I am totally loving and embracing everything all-natural and organic. It has not only enhanced my knowledge, but also I have found that I love getting creative and the freedom that it brings me whenever I have received a product or purchased one myself, using my tablet (my old one is damaged and I have to get a new one for the Christmas or maybe I will upgrade to an IPad and a digital camera) to take great pictures, which will help me with my natural beauty product photography portfolio.


I am also grateful and extremely thankful for the windows of opportunities and doors that have been opened up for me, the journeys that both profession offers me has been hardworking and even overwhelming and heart-rendering at times, but I am not giving up and I found true balance and I am just grateful to still be on this grand roller-coaster ride, while at the same time keeping a huge smile on my face and I don’t think that I will ever want to get off.