Spa Meets Beauty: Trinidad’s World-Class Upscale Day Spa – Oor Jou Spa Wellness

The name “Oor Jou” when translated means “It’s About You” in Afrikaans, and it’s one of Trinidad’s finest upscale and world class day spa operated and managed by its founder, Ms. Antoinette Maund, who is also founder of ANMA Holdings and its subsidiaries Ate’ Logo Limited and AL Properties and her excellent and highly experienced staff, that thrives on promoting wholesome wellness in giving you that ultimate wellness experience in relaxing your mind, restoring your spirit and rejuvenating your body.


Oor Jou Spa Wellness is inviting, as well as mystic, for upon entering the building, which I would say is like walking into history in the making, as the property was once the head office of Ate’ Logo Shoe Store Limited – but thanks to it’s owner, Ms. Maund, who I must say is a top-class designer in her own rights, for the decor which is not only dreamy and relaxing with its crisp white clean walls, sculptures, fixtures and furnishings, but it makes the ambiance of Oor Jou Spa Wellness stand out, that makes one feel almost relax already as they enter the building, including the sweet smelling aroma of mint, lavender and other combinations of essentials oils floods through ones senses and the soft melodies of Balinese music.


Oor Jou Spa Wellness lounge and therapy rooms are all hi-tech and contains a sauna, a vichy shower, executive pedicure stations, manicure stations, a main room where one can bask in the after treatment and the lounge is just superb.

Oor Jou Spa Wellness features and offers a blend of traditional and Asian-style massages, to sauna, spa therapies and treatments, facial treatments, manicures, pedicures and a host of other spa treatments and specialized spa packages, inclusive of wellness packages catered towards working women, who wish to be pampered or just to unwind from daily stresses of life, or even want to throw a spa party for their friends or even be getting married.


Apart from their spa services and packages, I love their wellness package which is more of a wellness program, so to speak, that is offered at the spa in partnership with Dr. Roz Roach, who believes that each individual owes it to themselves to be well. Oor Jou is based on the premise that each individual deserves a higher quality of life.

Why take my word for it, the experience will speak for itself; so why wait. Walk in or call them to schedule an appointment, and you can also bring alone a friend or two to indulge in a great relaxing setting while at the same time being treated to well-class soothing and revitalizing therapeutic spa treatment – there’s wine, your wine glass is automatically refilled and light refreshments are served to enhance your experience – which I can certainly guarantee you that you will be walking out feeling a lot lighter and relaxed than when you first walked in.


Please don’t hesitate, for more information on their specialized spa packages and wellness program:
Ms. Antoinette Maund of Oor Jou Spa Wellness
Address: 22-23 Victoria Square West, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago.
Telephone No: (868) 627 4772
Email address:
Website address:
Facebook page:
Business hours: Tuesday – Saturday: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm/Sunday: Depending on bookings and availability (and) Monday: Closed.


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