Many of you are very curious to know about what I do for a living, and especially how I got started blogging – so I thought that I would share a bit more about my past and present work experience and what I do for work.


Well, I am a trained Geriatric Care-Giver, having graduated with a Basic Certificate from the Ministry of Social and Community Development (National Service Division – Geriatric Adolescent Partnership Programme – G.A.P.P) in collaboration with the Department of Community Development of the Tobago House of Assembly, and a Certificate of Participation from the Sunset Haven Home for the Aged. I never actually been given the opportunity to take care of an elderly person, except for my mother and step-father, they are family and both over sixty years old and I am still living at home, but my mother still does the cooking, because she always complains and say that me and my sister will not know what and how to cook for the forever young (aged parents).

Apart from my training in Geriatric Care, I have one-year experience as a General Sales Assistant, at a Mini Mart in my community of Betsey’s Hope; but the owner sold the Mini Mart and well I had left before they sold the place – started working as a Legal Secretary/Clerk with a private law firm (family law) for four years – before I resigned and went home.

While I was home for well over a year, I tried my hand at becoming a work-from-typist and starting my own freelance writing and editing service business, which never got off the ground or anywhere, I did not even get anyone to pay me to type up whether it was just a one-page or proposal. Yes, I gave it up and went in search of work and gotten a job at an Insurance Company.


I worked as a General Insurance Underwriter at a Motor Vehicle and Property Insurance Company (Great Northern Insurance Company) for four years (2010 – 2014) until the company was sold to another Insurance Company from Jamaica, I resigned before they started to send home workers whom they did not need anymore and went to work at another Insurance Company, where I have quit the job twice, then went back and was openly welcomed and forgiven for just walking away without given any explanation or sending in a letter of resignation. I have learnt a lot, which not has only helped me work-wise, but also in general. It is one profession, I would highly recommend for persons and even young people interested in the motor vehicle and insurance industry.

Presently, I am a full-time Motor Vehicle Claims/Insurance Underwriter at a Motor Vehicle Insurance Company, based in Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago, where I have worked since April 2014 to present.

During the years that I was employed on a full-time bases at the Insurance Company – I had enough time to work on pursuing my love and childhood dream, passion and goal to become a writer, which I never gave up on a part-time bases. I had try to reintroduce my freelance writing and editing service business within my community and surrounding areas, but to no avail, it just proved to be a waste and not going anywhere, so I gave up totally on it.


Then I was introduced to the blogging world, in 2015 and became hooked – so I started my first blog Just Write Peach ( which started out to be all about farm, food, agriculture and chocolate, then I had re-launched it to focus on highlighting and showcasing the culinary experience of Tobago and all it has to offer, but in 2017, I sold it and the name has since changed.

In that same year 2017, I started two blogs Tea Parties By Avionne (, which was to place me on the road to a great career as a Tea Party Special Events Planner and Decorator, in that same year, while working full-time as a General Insurance Underwriter at a Motor Vehicle Insurance Company, I suffered a nervous breakdown and was later diagnosed with social anxiety disorder, schizoid personality disorder, anxiety and depression – I decided to leave the job in November 2017. The pain and everything lead me to launch another blog Avionne’s Legacy (, where I share with everyone my struggles and my journey to recovery and mental wellness. Sadly both blogs were hacked and had to be deleted.

Through therapy and getting back out there amongst the people and my great support system, I was able to get my mental health condition under control and I am still moving forward and getting stronger each and everyday.

Yes, in August 2018, I returned back to work full-time at the same insurance company, but did not truly give up on blogging despite those mishaps. This time I embarked on a career as a Spa/Wellness Blogger/Writer of my own business “Avionne’s Spa Essentials” – which I am started out as a blog ( – “Where Spa Meets Wellness” – it is a spa/wellness and lifestyle blog that seeks to promote and champion the works (products and services) of our local and regional artisan spa and wellness entrepreneurs (spa owners, spa directors, beauticians, estheticians, masseuses and massage therapists, yoga instructors, personal trainers, holistic health and wellness operators and all other professionals in the spa and wellness industry) – inclusive of the different spa treatments offered at the different spas; spa lifestyle articles; spa and wellness news; events and so much more – all with spa and wellness in mind.


I still own and managed “Avionne’s Spa Essentials” the spa and wellness blog – even thou it has been left dormant for a long while now; but I am hoping to one day return to it and have it revamped and re branded – which is all due to my blog and job at the insurance company, which has taken up too much of my time. I rarely get the chance and opportunity to visit any spa and wellness establishments – which in a way got me thinking about, mostly the reviews that I have done on my past blog and how I can incorporate them into my present blog under the category “Spa Meets Beauty” – which you will be seeing a great deal of, as the time goes by.