My childhood dream, goal, love, passion and desire was and still is to this day is in becoming a writer. I wanted to write about any and everything and have tried my hands and writing skills in plenty niche that I believed that would suit me perfect as a writer – I believe that my dream job is most definitely to become a writer – just doing exactly what I am doing at present natural beauty and lifestyle blogging/writing and a little bit of spa reviews, fashion and everything in-between thrown into the mix; but more on the worldly side, by travelling across the Caribbean and around the globe and promote and champion the works of our all natural beauty brand owners, the world over.


Apart from writing, which is my life and becoming a successful and published writer. I have always wanted to travel the world and write about my adventures and the different people, cultures and everything, which I have never even stepped foot on any other island part from the big sister isle, Trinidad, when I was a little girl; but as I grew older to present – the land of my birth, Tobago is where I have been and never left.

In 2019, I am planning to change all that, because my local passport (Trinidad and Tobago Passport) had expired in 2012 – so I have decided that it was high time that I had my passport renewed; as well as start by saving up money to pay for my travel to the different islands across the Caribbean, which are the first islands on my travel wish list – then to other countries the world over.


I also want to become a beauty product photographer, since embarking on my part-time career as a Natural Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger/Writer, I have grown to love natural beauty brands and products and even taking photographs of my purchase has become so much enlightening – along with honing my craft and working towards to becoming great at what I do. I love that I can be creative, and find innovative ways to bring to life my purchases and also in doing reviews of the different natural beauty brands and products has been a great blessing. It is not without its challenges and I am taking it in strive and trying to becoming better at writing, blogging and product photography.

No one, ever said that you can’t balance work with a little pleasure, while basking in the sun and on one’s vacation. I have decided to turn my travel wish list and travel plans into both for business and for pleasure, even a little wellness added into the mix. I will take the time to visit natural beauty brand owners and events, purchase a few products to review and even visit a few day spas and wellness centers while I am there. I would publish my adventures, reviews and interviews on my blog and also send out to print and online magazines and other publications, locally, regionally and internationally.