Greetings from the beautiful, unspoiled and somewhat laid-back, as millions of people worldwide believe that we are and also to others we are a primitive island paradise of Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago. Yes, it is everything that I have said and so much more.

Today, I want to do things a bit different in this post and talk about things that I can not live without, because everyone has numerous favourite things, which they cannot live without, some have for the most one hundred (100) things, which can be wacky for some and great for others.

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I have more than one hundred (100+) things that I can’t live without – which I wished I could list them all, but if I start I will be unable to stop, but what I can share with you all is my best ten (10) things that I can’t live without.


1.) – Life – Without life, and I guess everything else, strength, health and breathe will never exist, so I love and embrace life, because it is important to me and been in the land of the living is somewhat great for now. I am loving life and enjoying it for the time being.


2.) – The Holy Bible/New Testament – I was brought up in a christian home, and even thou I do not attend church every Sunday, I still love to prayer each and every day and read my daily scriptures. I have found that reading the word and believing in the creator, has helped me and kept me out of numerous troubles and has been able to give me the strength to go on from day to day.


3.) – Laptop – Working both full-time and part-time, it is very important for me, as I have deadlines to meet and also to update my blog and other social media networks, which I am part of on a daily bases and so I can not live without my laptop. I have to live without my laptop for two months (September & October), which was the worst, since my laptop battery had died/failed and I had to have a replacement battery ordered from overseas, which only arrived this week.


4.) – Tablet – I don’t own a digital camera and never ever did own one in my entire life, so I use my tablet as my camera to take photographs which works great as a replacement, but even before I received my laptop battery replacement, my tablet has died, so I have to invest in purchasing a new tablet and an IPad.


5.) – Cellphone & Chargers – I have a cheap cellphone, but it is very important to me, so I can keep up-to-date with all my contacts and for family and friends to reach me easily in case of emergency; and also to keep it charged up.


6.) – Chocolate & Coca Cola – These are my two favourite treats which I can never in life live without, since childhood, that I always have a chocolate bar (milk) handy and also a bottle of coca cola, but not when I travel as they don’t allow anything other than a bottle water on the flight. I hide my chocolate snack in my handbag.


7.) – Pen & Journal – This is for backup and sometimes when I go to the beach or hiking, I prefer to take my journal and a pen to write down my thoughts and all about my adventures.


8.) – Photographs/Album – I have a small bag where I keep all my family photographs, hoping to one day make a scrapbook with them.


9.) – Flash/Torch Light – For whenever the currant goes, which in the countryside is quite often.


10.) – Umbrella – Even thou, I love walking in the rain, but when I have my laptop and other accessories, I never leave home without it.


I would love to know some of the things you guys can’t live without. Let me know in the comments section. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and I’ll talk to you guys soon!