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My Birthday Wish List

It’s October, my birthday month and since October 1st, I have been having a blast, because I just can’t wait for October 12th to meet, to be turning 39 years old.

I know October 12th is a normal working day and I will be going to work as usual, but later I get to celebrate it with my friends and even allow it to roll over into the weekend.

Well, every year, since I turned 30 years old, I have always put together my birthday wish list- which as anyone would guess, I would end up purchasing everything on the list for myself – but I do get presents from friends and family.

I written my birthday wish list for this year, that I am currently working on and would love to share it with you.


My Birthday Wish List is as follows:

1) iPad – I have a tablet, which I had for a long time and it’s giving troubles.

2) Desktop Computer – I already have a Dell Laptop, just that I ordered a battery replacement for my laptop and it has not arrived as yet.

3) New cell phone – My old one​ is giving troubles and I had to take off the internet.

4) Digital Camera – I don’t own none, my tablet is my camera and photo album.

5) Watch – I don’t own one.

6) Jewelry set (necklace, earrings, braclet and ring) with my name on it.

7) A day at the spa.

8) A day around Tobago.

9) Lip balms (all-natural).

10) All-natural make-up/cosmetic set.

11) Wardrobe makeover

12) Win the lottery.


That’s all for now. When’s your birthday and what does your birthday wish list look like.


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