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Blog Update – What’s Happening

I know that I haven’t been on for a while and have also been very quiet here, which might have most of you all asking if I had given up on my blog or on reviewing natural beauty brands and products – since I have gone back to working full-time as a General Insurance Underwriter at the same Motor Vehicle Insurance Company, which I left last year to pursue my passion.


The answer is ‘NO’, I have not given up on my blog, despite the fact that I have found myself, reviewing brands and products at nights and on weekends, which I am totally enjoying to the fullest.


My laptop battery has finally died, after three years and I am finding it very difficult to find a new one here in Tobago and have resorted to having one ordered – which will take a while to get here. In the meantime I am still reviewing brands and products, but I have to now write everything down in my journal, until I get the new battery for my laptop.  All the photos are stored on my tablet, since I don’t own a digital camera and I use my tablet as my camera and it’s also my photo album.


I would have to say that you all will have to look out for lots of great reviews, tips, even a few life goals, wish list and lots more when I get the new laptop battery.

Love you all.


2 thoughts on “Blog Update – What’s Happening

  1. I look forward to your return, your readers will be waiting. Hopefully your new laptop comes soon.

    Jenna |xoxo – I felt this! I been here before, I could finish the sentences. Break up are never easy. Forgetting someone you once loved regardless of how it ended, is never ever easy!!!!!

    But one day it won’t hurt, frustrate or anger you. One day you will stop rocking the hoody.

    Peace and blessings

    Jenna|xoxo –


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