Brands In The Spotlight: RODCO Home Essentials

Former fashion designer-turned eco-preneur, Colleen Malwah Aqui is the founder and owner of RODCO Home Essentials, that produces various all-natural lines of body and beauty products which are de­signed to treat, heal and re­veal one’s beau­ti­ful skin.


Ms. Colleen Mal­wah-Aqui worked in the garment industry for years, designing some of the best business suites, bridal wear, gowns, etc, but most times we forget the most important thing – like just taking care care of our skin. Ms. Malwah-Aqui, decided at first to keep her job as a fashion designer, but to branch out in creating her own handmade beauty bar products, which very soon, as word got out and her products started to fly off the shelves and so she decided to turn it into a full-time business – hence RODCO Home Essentials was born.


Ms. Malwah-Aqui even went on further and took a one-day training course with a lo­cal chemist at the Caribbean In­dus­tri­al Research Institute (Cariri) to ed­u­cate her­self on the chemistry of soap making; while the rest she learned through con­stant re­search on the internet, books and by tri­al and er­ror.


RODCO Home Essentials creates, produces and manufactures in small batch handmade and handcrafted all-natural soaps, body butters, lip balms, healing balms, sugar scrubs, powders and deodorants – made from the most nat­ur­al in­gre­di­ents and ex­tracts from lo­cal fruits, plants and veg­eta­bles such as noni fruit, pa­paya, man­go, car­alie, goat milk, grape, or­ange, laven­der, dark choco­late, and even beer which can be found in various lines of her natural beauty and skincare products.


RODCO Home Essentials is now a growing business that combines the love of home decorating; events management; body/bath and spa products; soap-making and even teaching candle-making in making a difference in the lives of the people they meet.


For more information, or to purchase a product or two, contact:
RODCO Home Essentials
Founder: Colleen Malwah Aqui
Address: No 6 Keskidee Street, Trincity, Tacarigua, Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago
Telephone No: (868) 775-0365
Email address:
Website address:


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