Product Reviews: Anise Shealight – Skin Fading Cream

We all women struggle with stretch marks, scars, even ecsema and dark patches on our knees and elblows. Well for me, stretch marks is a serious issues since trying to take off the number of pounds that I have gained.

I have searched and almost every skin fading cream that I can possible find here on the island of Tobago, that would in a way work magic and gotten get of my not only my stretch marks – but also the dark spots on my face and body, acne and other minor impairments.


Couple months ago, a friend of mine introduced me to Anise Shealight – Skin Fading Cream and I was blown away – but it did however take a while for me to get rid of the stretch marks and the dark spots on my face and body – because I was not using as often or as regular as one would think – for I had other products using as well. I must commend that the product was indeed a great blessing and relief for me.

I would have to admit that apart from the pure African shea butter with sweet almond oil, carrot oil and vitamin E oil, not all the ingredients were natural or organic. There was the alpha arbutin; glycerol and petroleum jelly amongst the ingredients – which I would say helped greatly in making my stretch marks and dark spots looked almost invisible and also leaving my skin feeling simply smooth and radiant – that I even had people come up to me and ask me what’s the name of the mask or cream that I am using on my face – they look at me puzzled, because the product is not sold in local stores in Tobago – so my friend orders most of her personal product items online.

I must say that even thou it is priced very reasonable in pounds – £9.99 – it is like $10.00 to £1.00 here in Trinidad and Tobago, which would make it cost a little over TTD$100.00. then throw in shipping and handling it is a lot pricey – but it’s a great product and I would recommend it to anyone of my girl-friends and also to all female friends and associates.


Anise Shealight Enterprise is a small business that was started in the beautiful twin island paradise of Trinidad and Tobago, but has grown and can now be found in the United Kingdom.

Anise Shealight creates and produces in small batches of natural base skin products for all skin types and skin tone and is made with the best ingredients handpicked from around the world – as they owner and staff pride themselves on creating products with each and every person in mind and made with love and care from the environment.


If you need to purchase the company’s skin fading cream or other products, or looking for more information, do contact:


Address: #40 Murray Street, Woodbrook, Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago.
Telephone No: (868) 488-3065
or in the United Kingdom
Address: Hatfield, Hertforshire
Telephone No: 44-753-090-5594/44-796-116-6837
Email address:
Website address:

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