As I had stated yesterday was “Makeover Monday” and was to be the first day of my ten (10) day natural beauty makeover challenge, which many of my friends had challenged me too and which I had decided to start on August 13th, 2018, but because of other obligations beyond my control, I decided to put it off until another time.

Been a naturalist, I do not wear any makeup, lipstick, concealers and nothing like that, except for lip balms – I love lip balms and can’t go anywhere without it.

All Natural Me Without Any Make-up

I have been shopping around for all-natural and organic beauty and cosmetic products to try out for my ten (10) natural beauty makeover challenge, but came up empty-handed, because everywhere I go all I seem to be finding are beauty products that contain some form and type of chemical agents like param and some others. Please bear with me, if I fail to meet the standard requirement and add a little beauty and cosmetic products that might not be free from chemical, but is used by almost everyone around the world.

Well, further speaking my cousin, Natasha, who resides in the big sister isle of Trinidad. She is a high school teacher and an avon representative – sent me an Avon – “The Beauty Of Gold” beauty package to try out as part of my beauty makeover challenge – since I am still shopping around for natural cosmetic products.


I decided to try it yesterday and everything did not go exactly as planned – maybe because it was me that was trying to apply the make-up to myself and been a novice and a newbie to the whole make-up act and routine, I might have gone overboard and did everything wrong and ruin my entire first day makeover – so I guess that it is back to the drawing board and I have to now go surf the internet for some tutorials on how to go about this whole make-up scenerio and makeover challenge, because it is not looking great for me at this point-in-time.


Tomorrow, I have to go to a meeting, and yes – I will be going all-natural/no make-up, so I will have to do the makeover with the balance of the “Avon – The Beauty Of Gold” Products another day and time – after I have gone over all the makeover tutorials for beginners.


Have you tried any makeover challenge and how was it. Would you love to try a makeover challenge.